Welcome home to New Age Radio!

KJWC-DB is an internet-based radio station operating out of Topeka, Kansas.

We cover New Age Music in all its many forms.

Our music aims to provide stress relief, clarity of mind, and an escape from contemporary culture and world drama. We preserve the beauty and majesty of intelligent music that provides listeners with gratification for their private internal needs. With our music, you can enter your own personal dream world that provides serenity and peace. A world that is both spiritually renewing and relaxing. A world that is found deep within and that takes you beyond time and space. A world where once you get there, you know you are home.

KJWC-DB is primarily focused on playing New Age Music.

New Age Music is defined as music that typically has light melodic qualities, providing a sense of calm, peace, or relaxation. Many times it also has a somewhat spiritual or unearthly feel to it. It includes tribal, Celtic, Asian, Electronica, and Ambient influences. This music is always playing when one of our specialty programs is not airing.

Brief History

  • New Age Radio – sometimes known as My New Age Radio – started in early 2019 in Port Charlotte, FL.
  • The original station focused on the top 40 New Age artists and had a late-night program called the sleep zone. It also played several educational podcast-style shows.
  • The station went off the air in March of 2020.
  • The owner moved to Topeka, KS in September of 2020.
  • January New Age Radio received it’s official call letters of KJWC-DB.
  • It’s not offering commercial-free New Age Music with a focus mostly on the music.


KJWC-DB employs voice-over artists for audio evergreen content such as promos and pretty much any talk you hear over the air.

We have learned that most of our listeners don’t care much for a lot of talking. They are here for the music and want to be transported to another world – one that is relaxing and stress-free, away from the drama of the world.


KJWC-DB can be heard 24/7 through the live365app and various internet radio directories. You can also access our stream from this website.

The Owner

John Culbertson, a person with 20+ years of experience in the New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical fields, owns KJWC-DB.