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Why invest in KJWC-DB? 

We love spiritual and relaxing music! Music that transports us to another world, and that is great to meditate or do yoga with. We love intelligent music that helps us escape from the stress-inducing reality of life. We enjoy music that helps us go deep within. If you’re here, you probably do too!!!

KJWC-DB offers our music and programming commercial-free, and we have fun doing it!

Besides, in today’s ever-changing global world, our station needs to strive for improvement continuously.

Your contribution of any amount helps our station thrive and invest in new resources and programming to delight and entertain listeners like you.

Please consider supporting KJWC-DB. It will ensure a bright future for KJWC-DB.

We know it means a great deal to us – but we also know it means a great deal to all the other listeners too.

Who Will Benefit?

KJWC-DB will benefit from your donations, but so will all listeners of the station.

Anyone that is looking for beautiful and peaceful music to reduce stress and escape from the problems of the world will ultimately benefit from your contribution.

Additionally, the metaphysical law of return states that whenever we give – we receive. It may not be right away, but rest assured generosity has great karmic implications.

What Will the Contributions be Used For?

All contributions will go towards operating expenses.

This includes:

  • The purchase of music rights
  • Website hosting
  • Station hosting
  • Voice over talent/hosts
  • Additional Graphic design work
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