How to Become More Popular

How to Become More Popular

Many want a magical formula to help them become famous and well-liked. Though most won’t come out into the open and ask how to be popular, many still secretly desire to be irresistible to the opposite gender and famous amongst peers of the same gender.

There are some fundamental techniques that anyone can learn that will help to boost the number of friends they have

General Tips

There are two general things that you should do to start your path to popularity.

1. Watch What You Say

The first is perhaps the hardest. That would be holding your tongue. Getting criticized is not something anyone likes, and nobody enjoys listening to constant complaints. To become popular and irresistible is to be positive and not say negative things toward another person.

2. Appreciate Others

When someone feels as though they are appreciated, they’re more likely to go out of their way to do things for the one showing the appreciation. This appreciation must be sincere. If it’s fake, then you might as well be criticizing them. If you can help others to feel appreciated, then there will come the point and time when they will find it irresistible to return the favor.

Tips to Get Others to Like You

How can you get others to like you?

• One of the secrets to getting others to like you is to be willing to swallow your pride, find courage, and interact and communicate with as many of your peers as possible.

• Before communicating with others, it’s important to remember personal hygiene. The teeth, nails, and hair must all be clean and neat. Learning about style and having a few stylish outfits won’t hurt your odds of becoming popular

• When interacting with people, smile during the approach and often during the conversation. A genuine smile befriends others and shows happiness. A smile can be flirtatious or just plain friendly, depending upon the interaction. Remember, many find a smile irresistible.

• It would be best if you also attempted to remember people’s names. People love to hear their name spoken as it symbolizes genuine interest. Please get a new person’s name at the start of the conversation and memorize it quickly.

• When you come across someone you know, even if you’ve only met once for a brief period, greet the person by name and with a smile and proclaim how nice it is to see them. After the quick greeting, a simple “I’m sorry, _____ is waiting for me, so I have to get going” is all that’s needed to break away from the interaction and get on with life. This single act, if done correctly, can boost popularity faster than almost any other.

• Try to be interested in other people and what they’re saying. Learning to listen is one of the most important life skills anyone can know. Another essential life skill is encouraging others to talk about their interests. Showing interest and encouraging others to speak is as simple as asking questions about topics others find attractive.

• During conversations, seek out appropriate times to give genuine compliments.

When all this is applied correctly, people start to feel irresistible toward the one using these principles and techniques, and popularity begins to rise.

Additional Tips to Aid In Your Quest for Popularity

Need additional tips for learning how to become popular? Try these:

• Avoid Arguments. Arguing doesn’t get people anywhere.
• Let others believe they are always right. It helps them to feel special.
• Admit to and take the consequences for personal mistakes. It creates respect.
• Talk about things with which others will agree. It keeps the mood upbeat and happy.
• Please talk about the self only when asked and only when there is something important to say. Nobody finds arrogant people, gossipers, and know-it-alls irresistible.
• Attempt to see things from the point of view of others. Doing so will help keep both feet on the ground.
• Learn to be sympathetic and empathic to all, no matter who they are. Sooner or later, others will return the favor.
• Know when to stand up for a cause and when to drop it. Famous people know how to choose their battles carefully. If they win the battle, all is wonderful, but if it’s lost, popularity typically decreases.
• After making a solid connection with others, challenge them in some way. People typically respond to challenges because they want others to know they can do it.

In summary, the essential tips to becoming popular include being positive and making others feel as though they are unique. You can then use this to persuade others in unlimited ways.

Want to learn more about or master this topic?

Consider reading How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

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